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Whole Person Drumming

  • 23 Sep 2016
  • 25 Sep 2016
  • Damascus, OR

Facilitator(s): Zorina Wolf
Sponsor: Village Heartbeat
Location: Still Meadow Retreat Center
Address: 16561 SE Marna Rd
Region: Damascus, OR
Contact: Zorina Wolf, 650-743-6252, zorina@villageheartbeat.comzorina@villageheartbeat.com
Price THROUGH Mon/September 19, 2016: $285
Price AFTER Mon/September 19, 2016: $375
Info: Whether you are new to the drum or a seasoned player, this workshop will teach you about learning at your own edge! 
We will begin by learning (or re-learning) easy, effortless technique. 
Use your physical and energy body to develop and increase stamina and energize your playing.
Using the whole body to create rhythm--feet, hands and voice.
Strengthen your body while drumming with exercise..

Learn rhythm and drum orchestrations. Each set of coordinated drum rhythms has something universal to teach us about phrasing, timing and tempo, energy. 
Learning 'parts' increases rhythmic memory, developing familiarity with complexity evolving from simplicity.
Develop focus and focussed listening. Alert awareness opens our music!.

The healing power of the drum. 
Singing and playing the drum simultaneously-- the opportunity for nonlinear learning 
Intention and drumming --being mindful while playing with others.
The power of learning as an individual within a collective...the tipping point.

Schedule available when you register

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