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joining the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild connects you to a global community of professionals (facilitators, music therapists, educators, and students) dedicated to uniting people through rhythm.

Code of Ethics

All applicants for membership agree to abide by the DCFG Code of Ethics:

  • Work with an attitude of service, joy and encouragement
  • Endeavor to empower the community through drum circles to achieve greater personal potential, shared joy and interdependency
  • Donate/Tithe time, money, and/or professional services to community charities, groups and organizations
  • Strive to increase personal knowledge base concerning drums, their cultural history, their potential for promoting wellness, and to share that knowledge with others

Who qualifies for Professional / Associate membership?

Associate - Drum circle leaders with limited experience or no formal training. Applicants that qualify for professional membership but do not wish to be publicly listed may apply for this tier. 

Professional - Experienced and trained practitioners of our craft. Formal training bodies recognized by the DCFG are Village Music Circles, HealthRhythms, Rhythm2Recovery, Jim Donovan, Music for People, Beat the Odds, and Drumming Sounds.  Exceptions can be made for applicants who possess proof of demonstrated mastery of drum circle facilitation but have no formal training . 

The membership fee is $50 per year.

Professional members and Associate members pay the same annual fee. You do not need to pay anything now. You will be emailed an invoice for the membership fee for the first year when your application has been accepted.

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